Hi, we’re Allison Long-Pettine and Maria Gonzalez-Blanch, and together we make up Crescent Ridge Partners. We’re investors, founders, operators, and mothers.

We are an investment company based in Southern California that partners with visionary founders in the early stages of their business. We also provide growth equity for more mature and proven businesses (visit Alpine Ridge Partners for more on that strategy).

Founded in 2012 by Allison based on the need for hands-on, experienced early-stage capital in San Diego, Crescent Ridge Partners strives to bring our collaborative approach to those founders seeking capital to build a lasting legacy in business. We love working with all types of founders, and have a particular affinity for underrepresented founders who don’t fit the typical ‘startup founder’ mold given our own personal identities.

Allison is an investor and entrepreneur passionate about supporting leaders who strive to positively impact society. Allison’s approach to investing is built on respect, collaboration, and partnership. Because Allison began her career as one of the first employees of a medical device start-up, her perspective on investing goes beyond simply financial risk and return. Allison brings over 15 years of venture capital experience to each new venture, taking an active role in her investments, from co-founder to serving on boards. In 2018, Allison co-founded Ad Astra Ventures, a fund specifically focused on investing in female founders, to address the massive gender imbalances in our society. She takes great joy in the mutual benefit she derives as a mentor for both Praxis and TechStars and in her most important role as wife and mother.

Maria is an investor, start-up advisor, and operator who has worked in senior roles in sales, strategy, and operations. Maria is on a mission to partner with entrepreneurs and other fund managers to generate strong social and financial returns, ultimately positively impacting many people’s lives. Maria has a diverse background, starting her career as an international strategy consultant at Bain & Company and then heading up portfolio operations at Altamont Capital, a private equity firm based in Palo Alto. Maria further refined her expertise building brands in-house during her time at Red Bull, where she led the sales operations team and oversaw the new consumer products department. Maria is an engineer by training and holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


As seasoned operators, strategists, and investors, we believe in collaborating with the Founders and companies we back.

We hate the power dynamics that come along with raising and investing capital. We want you to choose us, just as we will choose you.

Our capital is patient and aligned with long term success.

Our priority is for you to achieve your goals and solve the important problems you’ve identified in society.

Our desire is to partner with you to create a methodical and capital-efficient approach that builds value for a long time.

Crescent Ridge is the right partner for you if:

  • You value an investor who cares about you and is equally passionate about your company’s mission.
  • You are building a sustainable business with a strong business model that could last generations.
  • You don’t want only money, you’re also looking for connections, strategy, and perspective.
  • You’re interested in taking a less traditional approach to growing your business.

If you’re a Founder who is values-aligned and focused on building a profitable and sustainable business, we would love to hear from you.

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Ad Astra Ventures is CRP’s sister fund, providing capital to scalable companies founded or led by a female. Allison co-founded Ad Astra with her partners Vidya Dinamani and Silvia Mah after realizing that less than 10% of the companies Crescent Ridge Partners invested in had women leaders at the helm. Ad Astra recognizes that mainstream investment philosophies and structures are not serving most women, and has developed an approach to building companies that truly aligns with the founder’s mission, vision, and strengths.

Ad Astra is determined to Get to Even, aspiring to one day achieve equality in the startup world. We’re turning the spotlight on leaders that don’t fit the typical pattern – by letting them shine the business world can become a changed place.