Frequently asked Questions

More About Our Investment Criteria

What is Crescent Ridge Partners’ history?

Crescent Ridge Partners is the venture arm of a private investment company, Ridge Group Investments (“RGI”). RGI started 40 years ago with the founding of Highridge Partners, a Real Estate development company, which is still active today. Over the last ten years, RGI has developed additional expertise in other asset classes, including venture capital, private equity, and clean energy.

What are your deal sizes generally?

Our check size ranges anywhere from $100k-$1.5M depending on the stage of your company and expertise of your team:


  1. Pre-seed: Your company is in its very early stage with limited product-market fit validation. We generally invest a small check size ($100k) with the intention to invest a larger amount in the following round (as a lead or co-investor).
  2. Seed/co-invest: This is when your company is further along, and you already have a lead investor. We would participate in the round with checks ranging from $150k-$300k or follow-on a previous pre-seed investment as a co-investor.
  3. Seed/lead: We lead or co-lead deals with checks ranging from $300k-$1M and take a more active role in these two situations:
    1. We have developed a strong relationship through an earlier/smaller check or through other avenues.
    2. It falls within one of our areas of expertise (women’s health, consumer products, SMB software, real estate)
How do you interact with the entrepreneurs you partner with?

CRP works directly with founders in a collaborative way to help you meet and exceed your goals.

We want each of our founders to feel supported with any needs that arise. Because both Maria and Allison have experience as operators and investors, we appreciate the journey you’re on as a Founder and are here to support you if/when you need it.

  • We have decades of experience investing (see our parent company, RGI).
  • We have a track record of building successful businesses with successful exits and successes under our belt.
  • We have a huge network to support female founders through Ad Astra Venture Studio and fund and we look forward to helping you through leveraging our networks.

We know you come to the table with a strong skill set and deep expertise. We invest in you, entrusting you to set the vision and lead the business.

We prefer to stay out of the way, but if you get stuck, rest assured we’ll roll up our sleeves alongside you to solve a problem, talk through strategy, hire talent, and connect you with our community.

What is 4D Wealth, and why are you so focused on the founders’ values?

CRP’s investment approach is based on a framework we call 4D Wealth. The four dimensions of wealth are:

  • Financial Discernment – Our investments are competitive, and we take into close consideration risk-adjusted financial returns.
  • Relational Depth – We believe that investing can deepen connections between people through values-driven, thoughtful interactions.
  • Social Impact – We stand firmly behind investments that produce tangible benefits in our society and in our planet.
  • Innovative Solutions – We approach challenges in investing with creative problem solving to achieve a win-win solution for all parties involved.
Are your investments geographically focused?

We prefer to fund companies in North America. However, we are open to other areas if an institutional investor is leading the round.